Insider Cornwall

 Cornwall’s coast weaves around soaring cliffs of granite rising from the sea and follows shallow estuaries that are home to seals, swans and dolphins. Place names reveal a prehistoric heritage. Crockagodna, Tresco, and Nancledra. Mystical stone circles 3,000 years old stand on bleak moors.



In ancient towns fairy queens parade through narrow streets and men in top hats dance. Fishermen choirs sing of their forefathers on summer evenings and children watch fireworks from sandy dunes.

In front of smoking fires tales are told and a different language is heard in the accents of the old. Cakes infused with saffron and wine from grapes grown in the valleys of tranquil rivers are served from kitchens by chefs who create works of art from fresh fish, cheese wrapped in wild herbs and thick, golden cream. Copper sculptures stand against cob walls and sunlight illuminates paintings of beaches and boats and creates shadows in gardens of rare flowers and towering trees.


Driveways flanked by rhododendrons lead to medieval houses, castles of kings stand on rocky outcrops and deep underground lies a proud industrial heritage.


Breezes unfurl blinding white sails at regattas in hidden harbours. Gig Rowers race from island to island as the Atlantic waves carry the surf to shore...

CORNWALL…just use your imagination