Naked Cornwall


Cornwall Bares All


In the county of Cornwall you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere. And naturists from all over the world are slowly discovering their secluded charms.

For decades Cornwall, tucked away in the far south west of the UK, has been a mecca for holidaymakers who enjoy the long sandy beaches, hidden coves and mild climate. However, in recent years, the county has seen a transformation from its traditional bucket and spade holiday image to one of spa breaks, celebrity eateries and international surfing.

Along with Cornwall’s popular, trendy status (over 5 million people visit the county every year), more and more naturists are discovering the seclusion and beauty of the Cornish coastline. Tucked away amongst the rugged cliffs and dramatic scenery are scores of beaches, that even in the summer are almost deserted, perfect for sunbathing and swimming


Roger Randall and his wife Jan run a Naturist Holiday website. Both were born and bred in Cornwall and so have a special affinity with the area. Roger says, “Naturism in the county has always been fairly low key and unfortunately the only official beach was closed last year due to development. Nonetheless there are half a dozen ‘unofficial’ locations dotted around the coastline that are well known and where naturism is tolerated. We have never had a problem with naturism in Cornwall simply because we are very selective as to where we go and also very careful not to cause offence”


Many of the beaches around Cornwall’s miles of coastline are off the main tourist trails and difficult to get to. Some get cut off at high tide or access is from very steep cliffs making them almost inaccessible unless you are particularly adventurous. However it’s worth seeking out some of the more remote locations, as the rewards are breathtaking: crystal clear sea, soft sand and a peaceful solitude that’s hard to find anywhere these days.


One event that put Cornwall firmly on the naturism map a few years ago was Nudefest which attracted over 350 people to a holiday park on the outskirts of Newquay.


Roger says, “British Naturism took the bold step of organising the  event  at Newperran Holiday Park during the weekend 22nd-24th June 2007. Many naturists, members and non-members of British Naturism, attended and Friday evening kicked off in the bar with entertainment from the group Edison Lighthouse, it was a great evening.


“Much of Saturday revolved around the marquee where there were many exhibitions including stands from travel firms such as Chalfont and Peng Travel.

Nick Mayhew-Smith and Mike Charles, authors of 'Bare Britain' and 'Bare Beaches' introduced their new book 'The Worlds Best Nude Beaches and Resorts’. My wife Jan gave massage demonstrations during both the morning and afternoon and had no shortage of volunteers. One of the highlights of the event was the 'Garden of Eden' evening at the Eden Project, Cornwall’s top visitor attraction. Nude people walking around the biomes was a ground breaking first”

Andrew Welch, communications officer for British Naturism says, “Everyone was extremely positive in getting Nudefest off the ground including the local tourist authority who have given continued support. I initially contacted 12 holiday parks in the area, 11 of which politely declined but Newperran Holiday Park jumped at the chance to be involved. It was great for us to have a ‘textile’ park so enthusiastic about the event. The management’s overwhelming enthusiasm was for me one of those defining moments in the progress of naturism in this country”
“Nudefest 2007 was a total success. Local and national press covered the event very positively and it put Cornwall on the naturist map. One of my lasting memories was everyone arriving for an evening event at the world famous Eden Project on a bright red London double-decker bus and making our entrance in such a bold manner we found justifiably hilarious. Later that evening, back at the holiday park bar it was a little chilly so at the final night disco everyone was a little reticent to take their clothes off! Of course, someone said we should be dancing naked. So we closed the main door to keep out the cold and gradually, as the room got warmer, out of the corner of my eye I could see bras and pants slowly coming off, it was great fun!!"


Cornwall's new found status as a ‘must visit’ location has seen a renaissance in the county’s accommodation, dining and visitor attractions. Served by fast motorway links and an airport has meant an increase in the weekender crowds in the north coast’s fashionable harbour side villages and the whole area seems to have adopted a more relaxed Mediterranean attitude.  Roger, who through his website caters for tourists looking for suitable naturist holiday locations reveals, “Naturist holidays are certainly becoming more and more popular in Cornwall. For many years there have been campsites and guesthouses in Cornwall that cater for naturists, and we are sure that the numbers will be increasing. Yes, we think the tide is turning!!”


Since 2007, Nudefest has taken place in Cornwall every year and the 2012 event will be held from 10th - 17th June



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