When I'm Old



My favourite place….POLRIDMOUTH BEACH, FOWEY


When I’m old there is place where I'll sit on a late spring morning in a canvass chair that smells of a lifetime of salty summers. The calm of the lake behind me is only broken by the two swans that glide across its cobalt stillness and there, on the manicured lawn of alternating shades of green, I’ll look out on to the sea where, all those years ago, I first learned to swim. A time when being able to dive in the water like a dolphin was the most important thing in my life. I’ll remember hunting for crabs in the crevasses of the rock pools with my father and building the best sandcastles in the world in the soft clay sand. Here I’ve brought my lovers and walked hand in hand across the beach searching for shells. I’ve stood on the desolate shoreline in winter and shouted at the stormy sea and blamed it for everything that was wrong in my life. And cried and laughed as the waves took away my troubles.  

And if I should slip away that late spring morning with the smell of the shoreline warmed by the first hesitant rays of summer and the sound of seagulls above me, I’ll take a final look at the lighthouse on the headland as its bands of red and white fade in my eyes, and I shall be happy.